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the one stop wimbledon driving academy for all driving lessons, courses, instructors and useful driving resources on 0800 612 6203. Selecting the right Driving School is no mean task with so many companies operating across the London. It is absolutely imperative that whilst searching for your perfect driving school, you make the correct decision as mistakes can be extremely costly. Why? well it is widely documented that some new learners who live in London are among the least successful when it comes to passing a driving test. The reasons for this are said to be down to the crowded and very often difficult to navigate roads, together with the sheer volume of Cyclists, Motorbikes and of course Pedestrians on the capital’s roads. It is therefore absolutely imperative to select the right driving school, whereby ensuring that you are given every opportunity to pass your driving test and at the first attempt.

driving lessons Wimbledon

Crash course driving lessons

As a company, Wimbledon Driving Academy pride ourselves on providing a really relaxed and fun atmosphere whilst learning how to drive with us. We are fully aware just how daunting and indeed stressful it can often be for many new learners-remember we were also learners once! Many new students have told us how nervous they felt just prior to taking their very first driving lesson with us-after all it is only natural. However, interestingly enough the majority of these new learners go on to say that their experience was a pleasurable one and on reflection they wonder what the fuss was all about. This is of course,music to our ears, with many telling us just how pleasantly surprised they were, as a direct result of the total professionalism and indeed empathy shown by our experienced instructors. Let’s face it, many of us get nervous from time to time and the wrong instructor could definitely turn your first lesson into a harrowing experience, instead of a day to remember and for all the right reasons.

Intensive driving lessons

As well as offering driving lessons for the inexperienced learner, we also offer instructor training which is carried out by one of our specialist experts. Naturally and as you would rightly expect, all of our trainers are approved by CRB to ensure the safety of all our pupils.

Our “Intensive Driving Course” boasts a genuine 75% pass rate, giving the new learner every chance of passing their driving test within the shortest time frame possible. Although, on average (according to the official Government website) it takes a learner 47 hours of driving lessons with a driving instructor to pass their test, we have a success rate well above the average. In fact according to one recent newspaper article three areas of London have some of the lowest pass rates in the whole of the UK and therefore choosing a successful driving school with a proven track record is a must.

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