Motorway Driving Courses London

Posted by Zach Mendelsohn

Motorway Driving Courses London

Enhance Your Motorway driving skills:

If you are still doubtful regarding motorway driving even after qualifying your test then restore and enahance your skills with confidence at WDA Motorway instructional course.

Motorway driving lessons London

You can hold back your specified time for improving motorway driving with one of our professionally-trained instructor, associated by motorway driving skills workbook that contains significant highway informative code and procedures.


You may hold back two hours for improving with-in car lessons at least, and obtain valuable guidance and feedback from instructor. Moreover receive Motorway driving skill workbook that contain Highway informative Codes, practical exercises,some other important Information sand a final quiz. You may always reserve extra lessons for motorway driving on your convenience.


  • Attain confident motorway driving techniques and skills for pre-cautionary driving on motorway.
  • You will be able Recognize motorway driving regulations.
  • Motorway Night Driving Principles
  • Boost your motorways driving skills with confidence.

Course Fee:

All of our Wimbledon driving school instructors driving schools are fully qualified to teach Pass Plus courses. This means that you can receive your Pass Plus training from the same instructor who helped you to pass your test.

All the WDA Motorway lessons are applied with standard post-test rate without any discounts For further information regarding any of our motorway courses or lessons, contact0208 181 9209

The areas in Surrey that we presently cover are as follows: You can call us directly on 07738607406 or fill in the online form on this website to book your driving lesson with us alternatively please feel free to contact us now should you have any queries as we are here to help.